School is Hard

by Rachel

January 30th, 2017

Yes, this post is going to contain a bit of confessing....

Some days 'I don't wanna'.

I don't wanna' school children.

I don't wanna' figure out how to teach something.

I don't wanna be patient with students...

But ya know what....Doing 'hard' things is a choice.

Sure, I'd rather paint with the 'littles' all day instead of tackle the math class waiting in the other room....but I'm gonna' breath, I'm gonna take one day at a time, shoot, one moment at a time....and get on in there to teach math.

It's worth it. The Biblical world view, the character building, the kindness and communication skills....home schooling is hard. But for me, right now, SO.WORTH.IT.

P.S. If you feel lead in any way, shape or form, to come help us.....feel free to do that!! Hahahaha! I'd take a Math teacher in a heartbeat!!

Marand making 'smores' in the oven for dessert helps hard end hard days....

He Rocks.

Thanks for praying for me....I pray for you all, as God brings you to mind....

and if, for some reason you can't find me come math class time....

I may, or may not be out in the snow fort.....eating a gianormous ice-cicle!!

Please don't call me, worried I'm about the 'throw in the towel' - It's really not that bad....I'm doing fine...but seriously, if you'd like to teach math......

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