Foster Parents

by Rachel

December 13th, 2016

"Having children is always a risk. My bio children, my foster children...I'm really not in control of any of their fates. In a very real sense, all of the children in my home are "mine." In another - maybe even more real - sense, none of the children in my home are mine. They were created by God, they were given to me by God, they belong to God. Their lives are safer in His hands than they could ever be in mine, and I willingly relinquish them all to Him." -face book post

I tried hard not to be a 'foster mom' - I prayed - I vocalized my wishes to the powers that be - yet, My Soverign God thought it best to grant me the title. These 4 beautiful lives have been placed in our home, and the possibility is there that they may leave.

Marand and I keep talking about the 'dust' that is in the air...the particles that keep flying around and makeing our eyes water....who am I kidding, I've wept prayers like nobody's business over here. This is a hard thing, but by His grace alone, we are going to do it.


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