Beautiful Things

by Rachel

July 28th, 2017

We are surrounded by them, beautiful things, do we see them? Yes, we 'mountain dwellers' have a distinct advantage in the scenery catergory.....but sadly, I'd have to reply, that often I don't see them. I don't think I can stop and look....Time marches on so steadily, moments come and go so quickly.

I'm convinced that only when our eyes are FIXED on our JESUS, do we really see anything.

We allowed our 'Three Bigs' to head off to camp IdRaHaJe (I'd rather have Jesus) this past week....praying for their continued growth and understand of how vital their walk with JESUS is in their lives. Isaac did well for his first time away from 'mama'...

and I can't wait to hear about Jacob (Who I failed to get a photo of....) and Zaria's week in Teepee Camp! We pick them up tomorrow!

So...let's do it....unplug from our 'phones'...breath deeply some fresh air...go for an early morning drive....just look for the beautiful, God given things.


by Papa Don and Grandma

July 29th, 2017

Can't believe they are old enough for camp already!! Glad they got to go! Love you ALL!

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